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Ready, Steady, Bake!

It was like moving house putting all my equipment in the back of the car.  Boxes full of cutters, embossers, tools, food colourings, sparkles – you name it I’ve got it.

Sarah Lodge is a place I’ve only heard about, so it was a great surprise when Chris Massey from Tonge UCAN centre asked if I would deliver a ‘masterclass’ for the residents.  “Me”, I said!  I only bake as a hobby but as a result of my involvement in the company ‘bake-off’ colleagues knew I could bake and I’d proven myself (to my amazement actually). I didn’t think I was that competitive, but it’s amazing what a bit of employee rivalry stirs up.

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Hate crime awareness week: Julie, David and Queenie

They say that on average one in 12 of us is likely to become blind or partially sighted by the age of 60.  It’s one in five at 70.

For Julie, it happened much earlier in life.

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Hate crime awareness week: Joan from Strictly Wheelchair Dancing

As she caught her breath in between the waltz and rhumba, we asked wheelchair dance champion Joan a familiar question during this week of hate crime awareness.  “Has anyone treated you badly because of your circumstances?”  A telling nod and moment of silent composure spoke volumes before Joan’s all too familiar answer.

“I’ve been called unpleasant names on several occasions.  Well, they’ve been shouted at me more like.  All because my legs don’t work too well.”  Says Joan – a wife, mother of two and grandmother of four -who suffered a broken back in an accident 30 years ago. Continue reading

Hate crime awareness week: race

Lets end hate crime

Hate crime awareness week: race

Diana talks about her experience of being targeted by youths because of her race.

I was born in Kenya which received its independence in 1963.  Due to this reason my family had to leave our home, friends and work. My father and brother came to England and myself, my mum and my sisters went to India.  When my father was settled with a house and employment he called us over to join him.  I was 4 years old when I arrived in England and I class myself to be Indian British.

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Hate crime awareness week case study – Keith Philpott

As part of hate crime awareness week we are sharing this case study of a man who was murdered because of his disability.

In March 2005, Keith Philpott, a 36-year-old man with learning disabilities, was found dead at his home by the police. Keith lived on his own at Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees, but was in daily contact with his family who lived nearby and provided support. They had alerted the police when Keith did not arrive for dinner as expected.

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