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Customer Involvement’s Wolfey: The impact of coffee

This week I’ve mastered the art of making a brew. You may think this is no great feat, you make even think I’m just trying to get out of my round, but you then you need to see the modern taps in the brewing area of Valley House. Impossible to work … until a kind lady seeing me struggle kindly pointed out that I needed to press the button in the middle of the tap as well as the side red button for hot water. It has taken two and a half months but I’m now able to get a decent caffeine fix without relying on others!

This was good timing as I started my Community Impact Assessment report. We do these reports wherever we work with the community to see what difference we’re making in neighbourhoods, how we’ve improved services and made the best use of the money available. Wired on caffeine, I’ve trawled through many folders to find out what we’ve done in our north neighbourhood (bearing in mind I wasn’t here until April), and the money and customers involved. I’ll produce a document that goes towards our annual report. Click here to see last year’s.

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Customer Committee’s Carol: Getting down to business

Customer Committee’s Carol: Getting down to business

The volunteer members of the Customer Committee monitor Bolton at Home’s performance, set standards, review services and recommend improvements.

One of the ways we do this is to come together for business meetings, where we discuss all these things and Bolton at Home’s policies in more detail.

Our meetings are quite formal – we have an agenda, the meetings are chaired and minutes are taken. This ‘official’ style of meeting can be productive and help us cover a lot of ground.

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Customer Involvement’s Wolfey: Beating antisocial behaviour, bogus callers and phones

My team is allowing to me work with and develop a new group. Yay!

It’s after a customer from Halliwell, concerned about antisocial behaviour and environmental issues where she lives, got in touch with lots of ideas how to tackle these issues and wanted to develop a community garden with like-minded customers.

Me and my colleague Lynn Cullen (I’m not completely let out on my own yet) met with Debbie and other customers last week. They’ve been having an awful time. Evictions haven’t stopped people knocking on their doors in the middle of the night to ask for cigarettes or even if they’re “doing business.” And the herbs and flowers planted by customers under their windows to encourage people to use a footpath path have been trampled on. Continue reading

Customer Involvement’s Wolfey: Hot desking, a model Olympian and an estate in bloom

Work on wheels, a giant head and hundreds of hanging baskets have made for an interesting few weeks.

I’m now two months into my new(ish) post as a Customer Involvement Officer. I’ve had to learn how to ‘hot desk’ in our office at Valley House. This means no more piling-up papers on a desk, which I’m sure previous colleagues will laugh at knowing my reputation for this. I have to clear my desk every single  day. So, as well as prioritising the use of a locker to keep things clear, I’ve invested in a new work bag on wheels. The only disadvantage of this is that I’m tending to use the lift instead of the stairs, so my pedometer count is down.

Onto actual work business. I’ve enjoyed getting out and about to meet all the groups in our north neighbourhood and listening to how I can support them. Continue reading

Food hubs

It’s been a helluva week for my car.

Last week, as I was driving up Greenroyd Ave, a dog bit my car and this week someone threw up on the bonnet … actually just at the bottom of the windscreen in that little well created by the windscreen wipers.

When I got in the car I made the mistake of trying to remove it using my screen wash and the wipers. This had the effect of smearing it all over my windscreen making it impossible to see out the front. It wasn’t a great look for the car and in the end I had to go and get a bucket of water.

I’m telling you this not just to give you an insight into what it’s like working in Breightmet but because the reason I was getting in my car after the incident (vomit, not dog) was to go and see the Food Hub site in Breightmet. Continue reading