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Can’t build, won’t build

This Christmas many of us will be introduced to, or be re-acquainted with, the ups and downs of property construction, ownership, and speculation when we open up our Monopoly set. No better insight into the challenges, pitfalls, and potential profits of housing development has been created. In Monopoly-world, despite all those softer Community Chest incentives on offer, victory is bestowed on the most ruthless competitor. Ultimately it is money in the bank rather than your public spirit that is the key to success. Continue reading

My employee volunteering

When the employee volunteer scheme was launched I was really interested in getting involved.  I saw it as an opportunity to share my skills, gain some new skills and learn more about what other services Bolton at Home offer.  I looked at the opportunities that were advertised on the webpage and the one for Breightmet UCAN caught my eye. Continue reading

Who’s Benefit?

If only those shabby poverty porn makers would hang out on my patch. I feel lucky and thankful to come to work every day with these amazing people. Don’t get me wrong- I do sometimes wake up thinking eurgh how is it only Tuesday but then I remember the rhetoric, I remember the scroungers; the layabouts; the “undeserving poor” and I remember how privileged I am to have this job. Continue reading

Just haven’t met me yet…

Having returned from maternity leave I wondered where my Community Development work would take me….and then boom one month later I am back in the thick of it!!

Community Development officers from the other areas of Bolton at Home estates had started to use Blogs as a way of articulating the work we do and I thought I would have a go by showing how a small 10 minute conversation can grow into something big. Continue reading

Customer Committee Lynne: “This is why I love what I do”

Lynne Jones

Lynne Jones

Here’s the first in a series of blog posts from members of Bolton at Home’s Customer Committee. Follow as they reveal what it’s really like to be a volunteer, helping us to improve our services, in their own words.

I’m not very good around moaning people.

If there’s an opportunity to moan, I prefer to take advantage of it for myself and not have to share the time listening to others’ moans, which obviously I think are not as valid as mine.

Genuine concerns are another matter. I’m more than happy to listen and investigate the possibility to rectify, make amends, change for the future and help to plan a better way forward. This is why I love what I do, as a member of the Customer Committee.

A couple of weeks ago we met with Bolton at Home officers to decide on a plan to publicise what we do to staff and customers, as we fear we’re still a mysterious entity.

I quite like the idea of being a woman of mystery but not in this context!

We want everyone to know what we’re striving to achieve in giving our time, effort, expertise and experience to make things better, whilst keeping safe all that is good in your ways of working and our communities.

The very next day, the disabled facilities adaptation review working party met to review our findings from the extensive investigation we carried out over the past few months. Now that sounds big and important!

As with other reviews, we all reported back that it’s fascinating to learn how a service works.

Importantly, we need to know what our fellow customers think. Staff opinions and ideas are equally imperative in finding that positive way forward to a better service.

We spend a lot of hours doing this work but there are always lots of biscuits and bacon butties involved as well.

Roll on the next meeting.

Lynne Jones

Customer Committee Member

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