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Who’s Benefit?

If only those shabby poverty porn makers would hang out on my patch. I feel lucky and thankful to come to work every day with these amazing people. Don’t get me wrong- I do sometimes wake up thinking eurgh how is it only Tuesday but then I remember the rhetoric, I remember the scroungers; the layabouts; the “undeserving poor” and I remember how privileged I am to have this job. Continue reading

My experience as an Employee Volunteer at Breightmet UCAN and the Not Shop

I have just spent the past ten weeks every Tuesday morning as an employee volunteer at Breightmet UCAN and the Not Shop. My experience has been nothing short of eye opening and informative. I witnessed the symbiotic relationship between the UCAN/ Not shop and the various arms of Bolton at Home which is right in tune with our new network style of working. Continue reading

The Housing Challenges Facing Young People

We don’t hear a great deal about the plight of young people in the times of austerity but it’s fair to say that they are taking more than their fair share of the impact.

Job Seekers Allowance currently comes in at £57.35 if you’re under 25, and seriously, sit down and work out if you can pay your council tax contribution water/gas/electric/clothing/travel/phone (a necessity now just to access on line services) with that level of income.

Now feed yourself for a week. Continue reading

Just haven’t met me yet…

Having returned from maternity leave I wondered where my Community Development work would take me….and then boom one month later I am back in the thick of it!!

Community Development officers from the other areas of Bolton at Home estates had started to use Blogs as a way of articulating the work we do and I thought I would have a go by showing how a small 10 minute conversation can grow into something big. Continue reading

#HousingDay 2014

We’re taking part in #housingday to demonstrate how our work affects people in ways that extend much further than housing provision and to celebrate the achievements of our customers in bringing about positive change. Continue reading