Are we doing enough to help to reduce carbon emissions?

I believe that we are definitely improving in this area, especially since the launch of the Bolton at Home ‘super greens’ initiative.

Bolton at Home ‘super greens’ are a network of staff that aim to encourage all employees to develop more environmentally-friendly working practices and behaviours and to help Bolton at Home achieve its target of reducing its carbon emissions by 20% by 2016.   

Promoting recycling and waste reduction is one of the core issues which the network focuses on.

So far we have 26 super greens located in a wide variety of Bolton at Home workplaces, and we are always keen to recruit more!

However, some of the things we have been doing/working on which relate to recycling include:

Encouraging staff to reduce the amount of wasteful printing and to print more economically so as to save paper and reduce waste (e.g. duplex printing). 

  • During Climate Week in March we reduced printing on one printer at 1-3 The Courtyard by nearly 50%.  In addition we try to encourage staff to make sure waste paper is recycled in the paper recycling bins.
  • We’ve been running a recycling trial at Adelaide House, with the support of the council’s recycling team.  This has involved introducing recycling bins for tins & bottles in all the kitchens.  This appears to be working well now and the bins are well used
  • For the climate week challenge the super greens came up with a series of suggestions about how our future offices could be designed to be greener – this included lots of ideas around recycling…such as linking with community allotments and collecting office food waste for compost.

And as this week is National Recycling Week, Our focus has been on small WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and raising awareness that many electrical items can be recycled at the household waste and recycling centres as well as offering people who recycle small WEEE the chance to be entered in a prize draw.

In answer to the question, are we doing enough to reduce carbon omissions? I believe that we have made substantial progress, but there’s always room for improvement.

To find out more about how you can help Bolton at Home in its bid to reduce carbon emissions visit

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