The economy and its impact on housing services

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The economy and its impact on housing services

It’s a really challenging time in the social housing sector, which in turn is affecting Housing Services. The changes in the economy have presented us with some real questions about the services we provide, and how we provide them.

There’s no doubt now that most ordinary people are going to suffer cuts to their living standards for some time to come and that this impact is going to be felt by those with least, most of all.

The big question for Bolton at Home Housing Services is, how are we going to respond?  We have the options of burying our heads in the sand and hope it all goes away or we can look at where the real pressure points are and try to do something about it.

On reflection then, there is only one road to go down.

The real bonus for us is that following the transfer of Bolton at Home from an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) to a housing provider we have, for the first time in a while, some real stability in our budgets. This stability will help us with our planning, and will give us a real opportunity to support our tenants, partners and the wider community in Bolton during these difficult times.

In particular, in regard to our own services, we know we have to up our game in a number of areas, whilst at the same time making sure we continue to improve on the bread and butter services such as collecting the rent, which pays for pretty much everything we do, tackling anti-social behaviour, letting properties and making sure tenancies are effectively managed.

It’s a big agenda, but we believe we’ve got a track record of delivering innovations any Housing Services Team would be proud of and we’re looking forward to now stepping up a gear and creating a range of services that mean when our tenants need our support, we’ll be there.

Between now and the delivery on this there will be a lot of hard work for everyone involved but the commitment and the ability is here so there really isn’t anything to stop us.

John Dunn – Deputy Director of Housing Services

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