A day in the life of a Business Development Manager

We’re a small but very diverse team of Business Development Managers, each working on different projects and programmes but all working with people to improve their services. At the moment, the bulk of my work is with our Technical Services team and each day can bring new opportunities and learning. A typical day might involve a team session where we exchange views and thoughts on what we’re working on and how we can get the most out of what we are doing. Continue reading

Can’t build, won’t build

This Christmas many of us will be introduced to, or be re-acquainted with, the ups and downs of property construction, ownership, and speculation when we open up our Monopoly set. No better insight into the challenges, pitfalls, and potential profits of housing development has been created. In Monopoly-world, despite all those softer Community Chest incentives on offer, victory is bestowed on the most ruthless competitor. Ultimately it is money in the bank rather than your public spirit that is the key to success. Continue reading

My employee volunteering

When the employee volunteer scheme was launched I was really interested in getting involved.  I saw it as an opportunity to share my skills, gain some new skills and learn more about what other services Bolton at Home offer.  I looked at the opportunities that were advertised on the webpage and the one for Breightmet UCAN caught my eye. Continue reading

Who’s Benefit?

If only those shabby poverty porn makers would hang out on my patch. I feel lucky and thankful to come to work every day with these amazing people. Don’t get me wrong- I do sometimes wake up thinking eurgh how is it only Tuesday but then I remember the rhetoric, I remember the scroungers; the layabouts; the “undeserving poor” and I remember how privileged I am to have this job. Continue reading

My experience as an Employee Volunteer at Breightmet UCAN and the Not Shop

I have just spent the past ten weeks every Tuesday morning as an employee volunteer at Breightmet UCAN and the Not Shop. My experience has been nothing short of eye opening and informative. I witnessed the symbiotic relationship between the UCAN/ Not shop and the various arms of Bolton at Home which is right in tune with our new network style of working. Continue reading