Food hubs

It’s been a helluva week for my car.

Last week, as I was driving up Greenroyd Ave, a dog bit my car and this week someone threw up on the bonnet … actually just at the bottom of the windscreen in that little well created by the windscreen wipers.

When I got in the car I made the mistake of trying to remove it using my screen wash and the wipers. This had the effect of smearing it all over my windscreen making it impossible to see out the front. It wasn’t a great look for the car and in the end I had to go and get a bucket of water.

I’m telling you this not just to give you an insight into what it’s like working in Breightmet but because the reason I was getting in my car after the incident (vomit, not dog) was to go and see the Food Hub site in Breightmet. Continue reading

Customer Committee Eunice: “Freebies available”

Have just attended a ‘blogging’ workshop. It cost me nothing!

Why? To learn how I can pass on information to Bolton at Home customers on what the organisation is doing.

What’s the latest info? Only last week, a group of customers and Customer Committee people went to a session at the Last Drop (lovely venue, great food, met some lovely people and it cost me nothing!) We looked at how Bolton at Home meet set official standards. Continue reading

Be a voice to end the housing crisis within a generation

For decades we have failed to build enough new homes. We are currently only building half the number we need every year.

Many of us can’t start a family because we can’t afford to move. Many adults still live with parents in overcrowded homes. Many of us struggle to afford to keep a roof over our heads, or become homeless.

With your help we can persuade politicians in every corner of the country to commit to end the housing crisis within a generation. Continue reading

Customer Committee Lynne: “How can you measure well-being with pen and paper?”

It was a completely different experience going to a Bolton at Home Percent for Art project at Highfield House in Farnworth.

As a long-time Bolton at Home Customer Inspector, I’ve been involved with checking the service that Percent for Art provides and found it incredibly difficult to quantify any results. That’s because we were trying to measure well-being and how can you do that with pen and paper?

What we experienced at the Highfield sheltered site, was a group of engaged and happy older people. They’ve been given the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings in inventive ways and encouraged to express their latent artistic abilities in something other than crocheted squares! Continue reading

Customer Committee Lynne: “They were amazed …”

I recently had the chance to go to Darlington and meet with other scrutiny-type panels at an event called a ‘non-conference’. What a great idea. No speakers, just the opportunity to choose from a whole list of subjects and, in small groups, compare and compare methods and findings, thoughts and aspirations.

In my first group, we tackled the problem of difficult areas to scrutinise. Voids (empty properties), art projects and scrutiny itself, were suggested as problematic.

The second session raised how to ensure we report on ‘social value’ in each area scrutinised, which led to interesting discussions on how we interpret social value differently. Continue reading